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What to Do When You're Dealing With a Hazardous Tree

Maybe your tree is dying or was uprooted during a storm. If you're concerned your tree could fall, don't wait to call a tree removal service in Pineville and Charlotte, NC. The Tree Authority will send an experienced tree expert to your home or office building right away.

We'll assess the situation so we can find a solution to your tree problem. Our team will look for signs of...

  • Safety hazards: Broken pavement due to tree roots | Limbs hanging over your sidewalk or roof | Fallen leaves in high-traffic areas
  • Storm damage: Split or bent trunk | Broken limbs
  • Infection: Mushrooms at the base of the trunk | Wilted leaves | Dead branches

Once we know what we're dealing with, we'll use the right equipment to cut down your tree safely. We've got the training required to remove any tree of any size.

Contact us today for residential or commercial tree removal services.

You won't have to clean up after us

Unlike other residential or commercial tree removal companies, The Tree Authority won't leave behind wood chips or tree branches. Trust us to clean up your yard thoroughly.

You'll appreciate hiring our tree removal service to cut down your tree. In the words of one of our satisfied clients, "it's like they were never there."

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