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Find Out If You Should Hire a Pineville and Charlotte, NC Tree Pruning Service or Tree Trimming Service

Tree Trimming vs. Pruning-Is There a Difference?

Tree trimming and pruning both involve removing branches to improve a tree's appearance and extend its life. The difference lies in the details. As a Pineville and Charlotte, NC-based tree trimming and tree pruning service, The Tree Authority can recommend the best plan of action based on your needs.

In general, a tree trimming service will remove...

  • Dead or dying limbs to boost your curb appeal
  • Low-hanging branches to protect your roof, fence or features
  • Overgrown branches to let in sunlight and improve your tree's wind resistance

A tree pruning service, however, will remove selective branches to...

  • Keep your trees healthy
  • Encourage or prevent budding
  • Reduce the height and spread of your tree

Got questions about when to hire a tree pruning or tree trimming service? Call The Tree Authority anytime.

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The Tree Authority has been serving residential and commercial clients in the Pineville and Charlotte, NC areas for over a decade. Our experienced crew has the tools and training needed to trim or prune your trees.

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